Have you ever wanted to make your own termite hollowed didgeridoo? Our blanks are seasoned and ready to make your own didgeridoo. RaD blanks still have the bark on enabling the blanks to season more effectively. RaD has an extensive range of didgeridoo blanks.

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When you buy a Rad didgeridoo blank Walangiiyn will guide you through the process of making a hollow log didgeridoo. Rad didgeridoo blanks are termite hollowed and seasoned.    

Termite Hollowed Raw Didgeridoo/Didgeridoo Blank RD206

Timber: Eucalyptus Box

Length: 1100mm

Mouthpiece ID: Approx. 35mm

Mouthpiece OD: Approx. 80mm

Bell OD: Approx. 90mm