Acknowledgment of Country
I respectfully acknowledge the Sovereign Custodians throughout the land and water where my spirit takes me. I pay my respects to the Elders of the past, the present and the future for they hold the memories, the Traditions, the Culture and the hopes of Aboriginal Australia. We must always remember that beneath the asphalt and the concrete lies our beautiful Mother Earth for all to nurture and protect.
RaD Didgeridoos  
Rad Didgeridoos Sells a Large Range of Raw Didgeridoos "Didgeridoo Blanks"
Would you like to make your own didgeridoo from termite hollowed didgeridoo blanks? RaD Didgeridoos sells a large range of didgeridoo blanks available from $90. These blanks are available in a range of sizes and shapes and are well seasoned. RaD will supply you with the raw didgeridoo and guide you through the process of making your own termite hollowed didgeridoo.
Rad Didgeridoos Sells a Range of Drawknives
A draw knife (drawing knife, drawblade, draw shave, shaving knife) is a traditional woodworking hand tool used to shape wood by removing shavings.. A draw knife is a tool consisting of 2 handles and a single edged blade. The draw knife is pulled across the timber workpiece toward you. Kirschen make the best drawknife for bow making, debarking and pealing logs, bush craft, carving, furniture making, working with timber beams, sculpting and stripping the bark of cylindrical timber such as didgeridoos. RaD sells a range a range of Kirschen straight and curved draw knives made in Germany. More Information on Drawknives
RaD Didgeridoos
RaD Didgeridoos is owned and operated by a Wiradjuri man from NSW "Walangiiny". RaD sells a range of didgeridoos, tools and Aboriginal artifacts. "Walangiiny" has taught numerous men how to make their own didgeridoo. He is an Aboriginal artist and makes a range of artifacts using mostly recycled timber including boomerangs, hardwood pen holders and coolamons. RaD also sells didgeridoo kits and tools to help you make your own termite hollowed didgeridoo.  
  • Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

If you require any further information please call of send a message to Walangyiin (Glen Lindh). RaD Didgeridoos Australian Business Number (ABN) 25447105994